Wedding Menu 1

Wedding Menu Option 1

Includes the following
(minimum 30 guests)
Buffet style

If you would like to add the Grazing Platter option from Wedding Menu 2, this can be accommodated.

 Selection of 4 options, please refer to finger food menu 2

Spit Roast
A choice of two or three meats

Bonned & Rolled pork belly loin
(with extra crackle & good rub of salt)

Marinated whole free range chickens 
(Oregano, garlic and sweet paprika)

Marinated Boned Moyarra lamb legs
(Rosemary, garlic and sweat paprika) 

Riverina black Angus Beef Brisket 
(Triple peppered hickory smoked beef brisket with cracked black pepper, chipotle peppers, and cayenne
pepper served with my house made smoky BBQ sauce)

Our house made Coleslaw, our apple and fennel slaw, or red slaw work really well with this option
Slow cooked for 10 hrs in a smoker and finished on the charcoal spit.

Alternatively we can marinate the brisket in our house made barbecue dry rub for those not partial to the pepper. 

Salads & Sides 

Choose a combination of 3 salads or sides to accompany your spit roast.

Our catering selection of salads include super salads alongside some traditional favourites.

Gourmet Garden; mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, red capsicum and  Bulgarian sheep’s cheese feta
Coleslaw; creamy homemade coleslaw with apple
Spinach and Feta; baby spinach salad, pine nuts, roasted butternut pumpkin and sheep’s cheese feta
Gourmet Super; quinoa, chickpea, carrot, beetroot, mixed seeds and fresh chives
Pickled Carrot and Coconut; carrot, coriander, coconut, currants and toasted mustard seeds
Creamy Potato; potatoes with bacon and chives
Corn on the cob
Chargrilled Pumpkin
Buttered green beans
Roasted rosemary and garlic chat potatoes
Baked potato wrapped in foil and cooked on the hot coals

*Being your wedding we ensure that your service is top of the line for your wedding day, and so the services of a
Chef and Chef Assistant/Wait staff is a compulsory service included in all our wedding packages.
Depending on the location of your wedding and the number of guests, a quote is advised at the time of your booking.
Prices start from $700 for the day (Covers minimum two members of staff).
Family Service Option available 

*Prices may be subject to change.

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